I'm Paul Caputo, a UK based wine merchant and writer. On this site you'll find my collection of wine writings (long and short) and examples of my work. Curious? Please feel free to get in touch.....

About me

About me

You can read more about me and my projects on my personal website www.paulcaputo.co.uk

I am a wine writer and merchant and for the last 10 years I've been all over the world in search of fascinating wines. Along this incredible journey I've met amazing people who dedicate their lives to telling their inspiring stories through their wines, all authentic, rewarding, deeply personal expressions of their land.

And I want to share them with you . . . .

It all started a decade ago while tracing my family roots in Basilicata. My search led me to a small village in the heart of an amazing red wine region called Aglianico del Vulture DOC. I soon understood it to be a wine of incredible power and complexity grown on the slopes of an extinct volcano. I was hooked.

I've since built a professional career tasting, writing, retailing, judging and consulting. This site is where I store my ever growing collection of notes and reflections on the world of wine. Sometimes these notes are done out in the vineyards or while working my way through large tastings. So, while pages and information may seem hastily thrown together or contain broken links, please bare with me. I am constantly tinkering with the site and routinely return to my work to improve and update.