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Grape Guide: Savatiano

Savatiano is a white grape variety grown all over Greece but is widely attributed to have originated to the Attica region. It is the most planted variety in Greece and a key component of the iconic but divisive Retisina wine.

Most Retsina is completely uninspiring and in the lazy way in which Savatiano is often treated contributes to that.

Yet there are plenty of producers that work with the variety with far more attention to detail. At their best, Savatiano wines show lovely straw yellow colour with greenish highlights and with age, this moves towards a luscious dark gold. The aromas are attractively floral with subtle notes of yellow tree fruit and with the passing of years, evolve to offer up a smoky, sometimes petrol like nose.

Recommended Producers: Mylonas Winery | Domaine Papagiannakos