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Grape Guide: Zweigelt

Zweigelt is a rustic, but charming red grape variety created in Austria in 1922. Today it is Austria's most planted variety and is grown throughout the country. As a result there are many styles of Zweigetl, from young fruity wines to fuller, more serious wines aged in oak.

Regardless of style, the best Zweigelt wines capture the balance between ripe raspberry and cherry notes and vibrant freshness.

Zweigelt was developed in 1922 by Fritz Zweigelt who crossed two other Austrian varieties, St Laurent and Blaufränkisch. As a very fertile grape it does well in most soils and the biggest challenge for winemakers is to curb its high vigour.

Recommended Producers: Domäne Wachau | Christian Fischer | Franz & Christine Netzl | Zantho