Melissa was created shortly after the recognition of Ciro in 1979 and but for the lack of quality orientated wineries focussing on terroir in the area, likely has just as much potential as its more illustrious neighbour.

Most of the vineyards are on the coastal flats just further south from the Ciro DOC zone and straddle the provinces of Crotone and Catanzaro.

Like in Ciró the potential of the land is heavily linked to the suitability of local red grape Gaglioppo. It is a hardy grape and resists the often harsh, dry climates seen in Calabria.

Key grapes: Gaglioppo, Greco

Production zone: Melissa DOC is produced in the villages of Melissa, Belvedere Spinello, Carfizzi, San Nicola dell’Alto, Umbriatico and partly in Casabona, Castel Silano, Crotone, Pallagorio, Rocca di Neto, Scandale, San Mauro Marchesato, Santa Severina and Strongoli

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