The Savuto Valley lies just to the south of Cosenza, one of the largest towns in Calabria. This hilly area is well ventilated and produces perfumed wines that are light but rustic. The Savuto River begins high up on La Sila, a mountainous plateau that descends towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Most of the wines made here are blends, likely of grapes such as Gaglioppo (or Arvino as it is known here), Greco Nero, Aglianico or Magliocco, cultivated on old bush vines.

Winemakers such as Stefano Chioccioli and Nicola Tucci are responsible for some of the best wines in the DOC. His youthful, aromatic expression from the village of Marzi is worth a look for its gritty, red fruit character.

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