Skopje is one of the three most significant wine districts in Macedonia and forms the most northern area of the country's famous Vardar river valley which runs like a spine through the middle of Macedonia. Taking its name from the capital city, the Skopje district benefits from plenty of sunshine and little rain. The climate is typically continental with bitterly cold and harsh winters and long and hot summers. The southwest of the district benefits particularly from good air circulation as well an impressive diurnal swing between night and day temperatures.

Generally soils vary, but large amount of clay and rendzine is present. The amount of rainfall is relatively small and drought periods are common here, especially in the months of July and August.

Skopje boasts the conditions to make a name for itself, not just with a lighter style of Vranec, but with white wines too. The conditions are promising here for production of quality grapes. Vranec in particular takes on a fresher and lighter character here than further south in the Tikves region. Temjanika, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon also grow very well here.

While the Kamnik locality on the edge of the city centre is best known for the production of high quality white grapes there are also some other high potential sites worth keeping an eye on. On the slopes of the Vodna mountain where altitudes range from between 400 and 600 metres the villages of Sonceva Dolina and Markova Reka are known for providing good potential fruit.

Recommended Producers Chateau Kamnik | Skovin

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