Vouvray AOC is one of the classic white wine appellations of the Loire Valley. Its wines are famous throughout the world for their ability to age and improve and still express fine mineral character decades after the harvest.

The soils vary greatly throughout the appellation. On the hills its generally a mix of white Turonian chalk with flint and clay, while on the valley floor chalk and clay are most prevalent.

Vouvray is pretty much where a maritime and continental climate meets. Generally cool weather with sunny autumns helps ripen Chenin Blanc grapes and allow for the production of sweet wines.

There are a number of wine styles that emerge from producers in Vouvray, generally related to sugar levels, but these are nearly always discernible from the label. Sec wines contain less than nine grams of residual sugar while Demi Sec wines tend to contain between nine and 15 grams. There are also sweet wines known as Moelleux which normally contain considerably more.

Recommended producers: Domaine Huet