2016: Coming soon

2015: An exceptional vintage. Quality is very high throughout the villages. A rainy winter meant that there was plenty of water reserves for when the traditional summer heat stuck and put pressure on vineyards. There was little evidence of vines shutting down. A bit more rain helped in August but harvest time took place in glorious sunshine.

2014: Very difficult vintage with lots of stress and tension fro producers. Rain fell around harvest time. Some producers were able to pick early and get healthy, if reduced crop into the cellar in time. Others didn't and thus quality is mixed. Prices are high.

2013: 2013 was a challenging vintage from start to finish. Midsummer hail reduced the the quantity of the 2013s quite considerably.

2012: A cold and dry winter was put to an end by some early Spring rains which although welcome put kept winemakers on their toes throughout April. Temperature and rainfall fluctuated. July and August was brought intense heat which gave the Viognier a blast of ripening while the end of August and early September saw a drop in temperatures due to the Mistral and some additional rain. Low yields but excellent quality.

2011: Widely known as a vintage that offered up fresh and fragrant wines, the 2011s show more restraint and elegance than than Condrieu's usual tendency for intense, full bodied-wines.

2010: Although there were some early fears due a wet spring, a long warm growing season followed with just enough early September rain to prevent stress. Harvest took place in glorious sunshine. Yields were very low.

2009: One of the top Condrieu vintages, there was lots of ripeness and lots of power.