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Lazio is potentially Italy's most unappreciated wine region. It suffers, I believe, from a lack of personality, and then in turn, a lack of real understanding of its wines and indeed grape varieties. Proximity to Rome, while one would imagine, represents a huge opportunity probably doesn't help. Lazio's wines, for a long time, simple village wines, are forced to compete on the world stage. And of course, there is no smoke without fire. For too long the region has been the source of uninteresting, flabby white wines that offer very little excitement. Things are definitely starting to change, and if you know where to look there are some excellent wines with individualism and personality, but shaking of the region's unfashionable repuation is not an easy task.

Lazio, located on the the west coast of central Italy, and home to the eternal city, is a region that boasts 30 different DOC wines. Most of them are scarcely known at home, never mind internationally, but neverthless, they all theoretically offer something slightly different for the wine lover to get stuck in to.

White wines dominate winemaking in Lazio and although there are people making reasonable reds, nobody has achieved greatness.

The majority of the small DOCs DOCGs are in the south of the region, in the hills just south of Rome. Here, in these old hills, known as the Castelli Romani, winemkaking is easy. Conditions are perfect.

Wines here are characterised by a Mediterranean climate; long warm summers and mild winters ensure fruity wines.

Recommended Producers: Casale del Giglio | Poggio le Volpi