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Column - Pantelleria: Sweet Wines of the Black Pearl

You can also read this article on Vinorandum, where it won the Millesima Blog Award for Wine Reporter. Pantelleria is one of the most interesting terroirs in Italy. Known as the black pearl of the Mediterranean, this secluded Sicilian island is entirely volcanic, formed through a series of eruptions that »

Column - Timeless Gavi

You can also read this article on > here --- The Gavi denomination knocks out around six million bottles a year. The bulk of this output is undertaken by large bottlers, many of them focussed on interests elsewhere in Piedmont - Asti in particular. This approach has done »

Column - Old Soave - the gift that keeps on giving

You can also read this article on > here --- Something has happened to Soave in the last decade. It seems to have gone from being one of the most uninspiring names in wine to one of the most spectacularly under valued whites around. The secret, it seems, »

Column - the legacy of Moscato di Siracusa

Cantine Pupillo @ the fiefdom of TargiaTomasi di Lampedusa's colourful and evocative portrayal of the creeping, sleepy decline of the Sicilian aristocracy offers a romantic backdrop from which to consider one of the island's more sluggish DOCs. His acclaimed novel tells the story of the Prince of Salina and his family, »

Column - Some thoughts on judging in Bulgaria

Last week I found myself back in Plovdiv, a guest of the Union of Bulgarian oenologists and a skeptical voice on the development of Bulgarian wines over the last few years. The purpose was to help decide, under OIV conditions, which local varieties should be awarded medals and trophies at »

Glass of Bubbly no. 2 - Autumnal reflections on vintage Champagne

With the changing of the clocks and the crack of fireworks behind us we are on the home straight towards festive chaos and all the wonderful vinous delights that the silly season entails. Yet the romantic in me still enjoys pairing wines with the weather, and in the final days »

Glass of Bubbly no. 1 - Palaces and Aglianico

Last month I found myself representing Basilicata's highly regarded Cantine del Notaio at Blenheim Palace's literature, film and music festival gala dinner. Indeed!! Now one might have expected the early evening flutes of fizz to carry something as grandiose as their impressive surroundings, perhaps bubbles from a Grand Cru village »

Wine notes from Macedonia

What better way to open up my first Riddle Magazine column than with some wine notes from the Republic of Macedonia. Well off the beaten path, few have considered this landlocked Balkan jewel as a source of exceptional food and wine, but four years on from my first visit, that's »

Column - Why I'm heading out to Bordeaux for two weeks

So after a decade in the trade, I'm heading out to Bordeaux to take my first serious look at the region. I concede, it's about time. Although I've been to Bordeaux many times over the last ten years I have never given it the professional study I've subsequently given to »

Spring wine suggestions for The Foxley Docket

With the first rays of summer creeping through and whiffs of barbecue smoke dispensing nostalgia into the air, we have arrived at that annual craving for long, warm evenings spent with family and friends in the garden. To see them through, look no further than the current wave of in »