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The wines of the Loire Valley's Michel Redde et Fils

I've just had my first encounter with the wines of Michel Redde et Fils, one of the oldest wine growing families in the Loire Valley. Covering 42 hectares in the communes of Saint-Andelain, Pouilly-sur-Loire, and Tracy-sur-Loire, they are able to depict the classic terroirs of flint, marl and limestone this »

Appellation Guide: Sauternes AOC (Bordeaux, France)

France > Bordeaux > Sauternes AOC Sauternes, on its day, is undoubtedly the best sweet wine in the world. The microclimate that prevails in this little area south of Bordeaux is conducive to producing naturally sweet, complex wines, some of which are amongst the most expensive wines in the world. »

Alsace Grand Cru - a trusted classic

With so many fashionable wine regions making names for themselves at the moment, one can be forgiven for overlooking the tried and trusted favourites. Alsace, and in particular the 50 plus Grand Cru vineyard sites that decorate this fiercely independent stretch of French countryside, are obvious candidates for neglect. Despite »