Georgia is a fascinating wine territory with plenty of exciting grape varieties.

Buying Guide: Georgian Wines

Georgia is becoming increasingly popular as a source of interesting wines made from local, often unknown and unpronounceable grape varieties. Many of them are natural wines fermented underground in the country's traditional clay amphora known as Kvevris. I've put together this brief guide to point out some of the most »

Wine Guide: Georgia

Georgian Wine Regions: Abkhazia | Ajara | Guria | Imreti | Kakheti | Kvemo Kartli | Mtskheta-Mtianeti | Racha-Lechkhumi | Samtskhe-Javakheti | Samegrelo | Shida Katli | Tskhinvali Georgia, along with Armenia is widely considered to be the cradle of wine making; viticulture artifacts for pruning, pressing and fermenting found here can be traced back 7000 years. Throughout empires, Assyrian, Roman, »

First thoughts on Tavkveri

I've just tasted my first glass of Tavkveri, the red skinned Georgian variety found predominantly in the centre of the country, particularly around the village of Kartli. With five years of age to it now, the 2011 by Pheasant's Tears is well worth looking out for. It has matured into »

Why we should care about Georgia's wine politics

This month (May 2013) Georgian exports of wine will once again be permitted to enter Russia but with the lifting of trade embargoes that have been in place since 2006 the Georgian wine industry would do well to take a moment of reflection on the last five years and ponder »