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(Journal) On the road in Soave, Bardolino and Gambellara

December is not usually the time to head back to the continent and start dipping into wine regions. There's normally far too much festive madness in the air to spare the time. But, a charming invitation to escape landed from Sutdio Cru in Vicenza - a few days to discover »

(Journal) Representing Cantine del Notaio at Blenheim Palace

It's funny how things work. Last night I attended the gala dinner of the Literature, film and culture festival at Blenheim Palace on behalf of Cantine del Notaio, a winery very close to my heart. Back in 2007, while discovering the villages of my grandfather's childhood, I had the kind »

(Journal) Visiting Brzanov in Skopje, Macedonia

Formed in 2012 by winemaker Tony Brzanov and his business partner Dimitar Stojanovski, Brzanov is a small, independent winery located on the outskirts of Skopje known for producing full bodied reds from international varieties.It's small scale, almost rudimentary when you compare the technology they have available with that of »

(Journal) Judging @ Citadelles du Vin 2017 - Bordeaux, France

There's a fantastic atmosphere in Bordeaux just before Vinexpo. Wine people from all over the world descend on the city to meet clients and do business. This year, I had the opportunity to start the buildup with a four day competition in Blaye, just across the Garonne from Bordeaux city »

Why I'm heading out to Bordeaux for two weeks

So after a decade in the trade, I'm heading out to Bordeaux to take my first serious look at the region. I concede, it's about time. Although I've been to Bordeaux many times over the last ten years I have never given it the professional study I've subsequently given to »

(Journal) Judging @ Concours de Lyon - Lyon, France

Just back from a nice little trip to Lyon for the weekend. Alongside scouring the wine bars of France's second city, I took part in a spot of judging (Languedoc reds and Swiss reds) at the fairly large Concours de Lyon. It's a massive competition with a huge amount of »

(Journal) Judging @ Vinaria 2017 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Just back from a nice experience in Plovdiv, judging wines as part of the Vinaria 2017 competition. Organised in conjunction with the Union of Bulgarian Oenologists and the National Vine and Wine Chamber, I was part of a small selection of international judges to sit through two days of judging. »

(Journal) Visiting Popov Winery in TikveŇ°, Macedonia

Ever since my first visit to Popov back in 2014 I've been an admirer of what Popov Winery, nestled in the heart of the Tikves region, just north of Kavardarci, are trying to acheive. This small boutique winery is well worth following. Their white wines in particular are fresh, quirky, »

(Journal) Fabio Mecca 10 years on: One of Italy's Oenologists to watch

Being able to bring Italy's most important wine journalists down to the south of Italy to attend an in depth tasting and celebratory gala dinner is a statement indeed. Fabio Mecca, rated as one of the country's most prominent young oenlogists, gathered the likes of Luciano Pignataro, Gigi Brozzoni, Andrea »