Macedonia Producer Guide

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Producer Guide: Domaine Lepovo (Tikves, Macedonia)

Macedonia Domaine Lepovo is a new boutique winery owned exclusively by Tikves Winery. As part of their strategy for increasing the company's reputation for premium wine, they set about looking for additional premises and vineyards from which to launch a new brand. In 2013, when Fonko Winery ran into financial »

Producer Guide: Stobi Winery (Tikves, Macedonia)

Macedonian Producer Guide Stobi Winery, located in Gradsko, is one of the key players in Macedonia and one of the most recognisable Macedonian brands now found in international markets. With 600 hectares of vineyard and a brand new state of the art winery that boasts a production capacity of four »

Producer Guide: Chateau Kamnik (Skopje, Macedonia)

Macedonia | Macedonian Producer Guide Chateau Kamnik is one of the most exciting wineries in Macedonia. The winery combines an experimental dynamism with a commitment and aspiration to produce the best wines in the country. Situated just on the outskirts of Skopje with vineyards overlooking the city, Kamnik is a clear »