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(Journal) Visiting Brzanov in Skopje, Macedonia

Formed in 2012 by winemaker Tony Brzanov and his business partner Dimitar Stojanovski, Brzanov is a small, independent winery located on the outskirts of Skopje known for producing full bodied reds from international varieties. It's small scale, almost rudimentary when you compare the technology they have available with that of »

The evolution of Kamnik's 10 Barrels Syrah

In modern wine making terms Macedonia is still a very young country. It only gained independence as recently as 1991, and with little history of quality focused producers before this, there is no legacy of fine wines for us to turn our attention to when seeking to understand today's wines. »

Producer Guide: Domaine Lepovo (Tikves, Macedonia)

Macedonia Domaine Lepovo is a new boutique winery owned exclusively by Tikves Winery. As part of their strategy for increasing the company's reputation for premium wine, they set about looking for additional premises and vineyards from which to launch a new brand. In 2013, when Fonko Winery ran into financial »

(Journal) Visiting Popov Winery in TikveŇ°, Macedonia

Ever since my first visit to Popov back in 2014 I've been an admirer of what Popov Winery, nestled in the heart of the Tikves region, just north of Kavardarci, are trying to acheive. This small boutique winery is well worth following. Their white wines in particular are fresh, quirky, »

Buying Guide: Rep. Macedonia - 10 wines not to miss

The Republic of Macedonia continues to pick up new followers of the country's intriguing wines. Although much of the international enthusiasm can be put down to the fact that Macedonia is still an undiscovered wine territory, there is more than just novelty value going on here; a modest range of »

Smolnik Temjanika 2013 ageing well

So, Temjanika is one of the most exciting white grape varieties grown in Macedonia; its fragrant aromas of peach, melon and white blossom, combined with racy acidity make it impressively food friendly; add its sunny fruit flavours into the glass and you have a winner. There is perhaps no better »

(Journal) I've been presenting Italian wines in the Republic of Macedonia

I've been back in Macedonia this week presenting a range of Italian wines to the hospitality sector in Skopje. The event formed part of a trade delegation organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. The Museum of National Revolutionary Struggle made for an excellent venue as winemakers from across Italy »

Stobi Winery's 2014s show impressive quality

I was on the road in Macedonia in September 2014, travelling through regions such as Skopje, Veles, Tikves and Stip. At the time I noted the challenging vintage conditions facing producers. Heavy rains fell for an extended period and left growers looking to pin point the right picking window. The »

Producer Guide: Stobi Winery (Tikves, Macedonia)

Macedonian Producer Guide Stobi Winery, located in Gradsko, is one of the key players in Macedonia and one of the most recognisable Macedonian brands now found in international markets. With 600 hectares of vineyard and a brand new state of the art winery that boasts a production capacity of four »