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Producer Guide: Chateau Kamnik (Skopje, Macedonia)

Macedonia | Macedonian Producer Guide Chateau Kamnik is one of the most exciting wineries in Macedonia. The winery combines an experimental dynamism with a commitment and aspiration to produce the best wines in the country. Situated just on the outskirts of Skopje with vineyards overlooking the city, Kamnik is a clear »

(Journal) The Macedonian Wine Guide is released

Winemaking goes back thousands of years in this ancient corner of the Balkans, but despite Macedonia’s rich viticultural heritage the country has seen a turbulent past. Five hundred years of Ottoman rule, world wars, communism and the trials and tribulations of competing in a globalised world now paint the »

(Journal) Macedonian Wine Guide makes the newspapers

After month's of hard work, visiting wineries, chatting to producers, asking questions that many people quite frankly do not want to answer, I'm proud to see our work (co-authoring with Ivana Simjanovska) getting recognised. People seem generally excited. The pending publication of the Macedonian Wine Guide by Ivana and I »

Pondering terroir over Ohrid

I should do this more often!!! What a week of fine Macedonian hospitality, charmingly rustic country wines and several bottles of aggressively monstrous Vranec; I was sucked in, spat out and deposited quite conveniently on a rocky edifice overlooking Lake Ohrid and the 13th century Monastery of Saint Kaneo. Seven »

The potential of Stanushina

There is no doubt that the future of Macedonia’s red wine production belongs to the robust and boisterous Vranec variety; yet amongst the noise there is another little grape waiting to be given a place in the wine world. Stanushina, barely known in Macedonia, never mind anywhere else, gives »

A look at Macedonian Temjanika

Muscat is not exactly the height of fashion in the UK, if anything it’s one to avoid; the British tendency to drink without food can over emphasise the floral, fragrantly invasive nature of the variety and send one reeling for the Sauvignon Blanc instead. In Macedonia however, where the »