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(Journal) Visiting Herdade das Servas in the Alentejo, Portugal

One of the most quality orientated producers in Alentejo, Herdade das Serves are one of the wineries to keep an eye on. With a centuries long family tradition in winemaking, the Serrano Mira family started work on constructing the winery in  1999. Situated in Estremoz, they cultivate more than 350 »

Producer Guide: Herdade do Sobroso (Altentejo, Portugal)

Portugal | Alentejo | Alentejo Producers 1600 hectare estate that spans areas of the Mendro Mountain range and down onto the plains of the Alentejo and alongside the Guadiana River. It's a tranquil area of the Alentejo region and the production of full bodied, spicy wines is well suited. Generally the soils »

Producer Guide: Quinta do Sagrado (Douro, Portugal)

Quinta do Sagrado is one of my favourite boutique producers in the Douro. It has been in the hands of the Calem family since the early 19th century and today, it still depicts the feel of an independent operation firmly rooted in the history of the region. The quinta itself »