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(Journal) Judging @ IWCB - Bucharest, Romania

I'm just back from my first experience with the Bucharest International Wine Competition where I've spent five days in Bucharest judging wines and familiarising myself with the Romanian wine scene. Now six years in, IWCB has grown to one of Eastern Europe's premier wine competitions. With over 1700 samples from »

Interview: Milan Radic of Liliac Winery discusses terroir in Transylvania

The Romanian wine scene is in a perpetual state of change. Big producers have always dominated things, particularly on the export markets, but now a second wave of winery startups are starting to get attention for their focus on terroir and personality rather than volume. I spoke to Miron Radić »

Romanian wines hit Rome

While in Rome I was able to pop into the Romanian embassy and take a look at some of the exciting new wines coming out of the country. Feteasca Neagra in particular is a variety demonstrating incredible promise. »