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Video - Discussing the Cru wines of Soave (part one)

I was delighted to be joined by Matteo Inama of the famous Inama estate, Giula Franchetto of Cantina Franchetto, Danish importer Ole Udsen, Chiara Coffolle of Az.Ag. Coffolle, and Chiara Mattiello of the Consorzio. We talk about terroir of these new geographical units and talk about how some of »

Video - Grape Focus - Discussing Susumaniello

I'm with Ole Udsen, Romina Leopardi of Tenuta Rubino, Alfredo Falvo of Masseria Li Veli and Massimiliano Apollonio of Vini Apollonio to discuss the old but increasingly fashionable Susumaniello grape found in Puglia. You can read more about Susumaniello here. »