2015: One of the best vintages in recent memory, particularly for white wines. Even average sites (and producers?) were able to produce lovely fruit focusessed wines. The buildup to spring was fairly normal, but a long, hot and dry summer ensured fantastic ripeness, more or less across the board. August brought some much needed rain and prevented too much water stress, particularly in younger vines. Autumn followed with plenty of lovely warm and sunny days but cooler nighttime temperatures steered grapes towards their picking dates resulting in very high quality year. Only in Lower Austria were there some scary moments. Hail in May reduced crops in large parties of Kremstal and Kamptal.

Red wines have also received the benefit of classic year. Many winemakers are comparing 2015 to the classic vintages of 2011 and 2006. Pinot Noir in Burgenland came out very well and should make wines capable of ageing up to a decade.