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He who can do justice to Italy's diverse and vibrant wine scene in just a few hundred words is a man worth listening to. I am not capable of such a feat. My notes on Italy's ever changing, ever expanding wine culture and industry stretches into tens of thousands of words.

By way of introduction to Italian wine, I can pen only that it surely represents a lifetime of study. I say this not to put anyone off, but rather to encoruage one to delve deep into the subject as soon as possible. Every one of Italy's 20 regions produces wine and every one is worth talking about.

There are hundreds of grape varieties, many of which we still do not fully understand today. The synonyms for these reach into the low thousands and do much to highlight Italy's local wine traditions and culture.

Italian wine provides a window onto a country of fragmented local cultures, tradtions, dialects and heritage. Jump in. Embrace the wealth of information and don't look back.