Hello, I'm Paul Caputo, writer and entrepreneur. I work mainly in the wine space where I combine my passion for travel, technology, sustainability and marketing.

Beyond this though I write about trying to get the most out life, about personal development and about the productivity routines and structures I implement along the way.

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I started out 10 years ago after tracing my family heritage back to a small vineyard in Basilicata. Surrounded by Aglianico vines I spent three months living in a tiny village, absorbing the culture of the region, its people, its food and of course its wines.

On returning to England I set about studying everything I could and found myself with a job in a brand new wine shop with big dreams. In many ways it was a fantastic introduction to the world of retail. The highs and lows came in equal measure and I soon found ambitions curbed by market forces. Nevertheless I soon found myself importing small quantities of wines from small, boutique growers all over the South of Italy.

Presenting them around Chester to anyone that would listen, my adventures continued. After a few years I shipped my own Aglianico del Vulture. After a few years though it became clear that growing an internet retail business was hard work. The little advantages I had gained from the beginning of the social media craze had been eroded by companies with bigger budgets and cheaper wines and my my passions began to shift towards journalism and publishing and could be found in telling the stories behind the wines and the often great people that make them.

And so, after a period of study, endless travel and a lot of reflection on how to share my knowledge and experiences, I created Vinorandum.com.