Communicating the stories behind the label is a crucial aspect of the wine business and there is no better way to achieve this than to visit the vineyards, experience the cellars and talk face to face with the people responsible for creating them. But the wine world is a big place and one can’t be everywhere at once.

Consequently I am always hugely appreciative when a producer wants to send me their wine. Bottles arrive every week from all over the world, often at significant cost. It’s a gesture that is not taken for granted. The motivations behind sending these bottles differ enormously, as you would expect.

Accepting samples is an important part of the work I do. It allows me to familiarise myself with producers, grapes and regions that I may not otherwise get to. Effective, entertaining, stimulating communication requires insight. The more I can taste and learn the more I can bring context to what is in the glass, and therefore, the more worthwhile the endeavour.

So, you are more than welcome to send me your wines to taste. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and discover. I will reciprocate by showing the wine due respect. It will be tasted in the correct environment and subjected to an open minded, honest analysis.

In the same way I respect the amount of work that goes into growing, making and marketing your wines I ask for the same professional respect in return. Sending your wines does not guarantee that I will write about them. That’s what paid advertising is for. But you know that. : )

  • Following new post-Brexit rules on sending wine to the UK, there may well be duty applied to the shipment. I receive too many samples for me to cover this myself. Please ensure your labelling and documentation clearly marks these as samples for press and that any duty payable is covered in advance. I will not accept the shipment otherwise. Thank you for your understanding.