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I’ve been working in the wine business for most of my professional life. Over that time I’ve been fortunate enough to have the validation of people that enjoy reading my work. That list has steadily accumulated.

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For now my website is free, but you can only access the best writing and resources by signing up for an account.

It includes in depth tasting reports (full of notes and scores), such as my piece on Etna Bianco. There are also shorter reflections on fine wine tastings such as my roundup of Historical SuperTuscans and a 25 year vertical at Fattoria di Grignano.

💯🌋 Tasting report: Etna Bianco
Etna’s evocative landscapes conjure thoughts of vibrant wines that bristle with energy, tart fruit and fiery acidity. The territory is in vogue right now and even with rapidly rising prices the wines are an easy sell. Reds from Nerello Mascalese have driven the recent renaissance, but I predict it
💯 Tasting: The Historical SuperTuscans
Earlier this year, I attended a rare tasting of wines from members of the Association of Historical SuperTuscans. Predominantly hailing from the 2016 vintage, these were a joy to taste and and a reminder that they remain some of the finest wines in the world. As Tuscany’s wine scene

You also get access to some of my best writing. It’s hard for me to say which articles represent this, but I’ve had great feed back on pieces such as my articles on heroic viticulture in Conegliano and winery architecture.

Heroic viticulture in the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene
I look at the growing interest around single vineyard Prosecco and contemplate the significance of heroic viticulture. How important is terroir in the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG appellation and can we taste it in the glass?
📝 Building Allure: The Changing Faces of Winery Architecture
An article about winery architecture which includes notes on the Cité du Vin, Antinori’s Tuscan winery and Bodegas Ysios in Rioja.

Why do I do this?

🤓 I’m a wine geek. I love the data, the scores, the vintages, the nuances. For me, the more details and variables the better. Although the media is full of endless diatribes on simplifying wine and making it more accessible to twenty somethings, that isn’t a discussion that motivates me. Wine is what you want it to be, but the people that take the time to read my site and engage with my emails and work are wine lovers. People like you. I do this because I love communicating about wine and I’m grateful that there is a small audience for what I create.

🙏 Thank you for being curious.