Region Guide: Dobrogea, Romania

Dobrogea is in the South East of Romania, situated between the Danube Delta and the Black Sea.

Dobrogea is a mix of rolling hills and flat land.

he region geography consists of a succession of hills and flat land, widely waved, not difficult for proper vines. Light and heat are everywhere in abundance, the soil has a good structure and fertility and contains all the chemical elements that vines need. The storm water is not exceeding the limits, this fact providing a good prerequisite for obtaining high quality wines. No wonder that, having such conditions, viticulture in Dobrogea has developed rapidly, currently occupying a place of prime importance. Dobrogea vineyards form today an area slightly larger than 25,000 hectares. They bind into several vineyards which are a “must” in any wine journey. The region is cut across, just below the middle of it, by the famous vineyards of Murfatlar, on the route of Carasu Valley, made ​​up of three vine centers: Murfatlar, Medgidia and Cernavoda. Going north on the eastern side of the province, we meet Istria vineyard – Babadag. In the north, on the Danube’s shore, we find the old Sarica-Niculitel vineyard having its vines in three centers: Somova, Niculitel and Macin. In the southwestern extremity of the region, near the old Danube river, lie Ostrov, Oltina and Aliman vineyards.