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News - I'm a VinItaly Ambassador

After years of working with Italian wines I was delighted to be selected to join the VinItaly International Academy program and attempt the exam to become an VinItaly International Amabassador. I passed : ) »

Plans for 2019

Friends, Having broken the back of January I'm pleased to reach out with my first update of 2019. Last year I worked hard on launching Vinorandum, my ambitious plan to develop a wine search engine platform. Clearly there is still a lot of work still to do but I would »

Macedonian Wine Guide makes the newspapers

After month's of hard work, visiting wineries, chatting to producers, asking questions that many people quite frankly do not want to answer, I'm proud to see our work (co-authoring with Ivana Simjanovska) getting recognised. People seem generally excited. The pending publication of the Macedonian Wine Guide by Ivana and I »