📸 Photo diary: Concorso di Vermentino (Sardinia)

📸 Photo diary: Concorso di Vermentino (Sardinia)

In February 2020 I flew in to Caglairi for a few days in order to judge at the relatively new Concorso di Vermentino, a competition designed to showcase Sardinia's top expressions of the Vermentino grape, a variety blessed with massive potential for fine, mineral rich white wines.

The competition was well organised and managed to incorporate samples from various parts of the world, including California, South Africa, Australia and of course, the neighbouring island of Corsica. Unfortunately one of the project's stipulations was that submissions were obliged to show the word Vermentino on the label, which meant some exciting wines from the Languedoc, where the grape is known as Rolle, were unable to enter. Neverthless, the concept is tremendously valuable and I hope it flourishes over the coming years. It will provide Vermentino and Sardinia with a very beneficial platform from which to court international consumers.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my few days around Cagliari and was even able to take in Cantine Su’entu, a modern winery located a short drive form the island's capital. Here are a few snaps.

The competition....

Out and about in Cagliari

Pictures from Cantine Su'entu